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480V Duraflood Spec 300

480V Duraflood Spec 300

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A true 1000W MH replacement in the premium Duraflood Spec Line, the DFS300 is perfect for area lighting in the 25-40 foot mounting height range. 45,000 lumens jam-packed in a tough, compact aluminum housing. The DFS300 is stocked with slipfitter mounts attached and optional yoke and trunnion mounts are available. 480V also also stocked and ready to ship with slipfitters already attached.


300W // 45,000 Lumens

Inpute Voltage:   277-480 VAC

Product Dimensions: 13" x 9" x 7"

Weight: 14 lbs


Part Number: DFS300S-BRZ-90D5KA-4V

UPC: 817938023793

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